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About us

 Our New company name and address in turkey belongs to our head company  in Syria olabi coffee (olabi Co. for trading and industry) a leader company of coffee prepation and industry under olabi coffee brand. Where we started our activity since 1956 developing it until we've received the cultivation centers of coffee and cardamom in Guatemala India where the plantation centers for coffee and cardamom for the whole world. Our company goal is to reach the production most important and famous places in the world to have the best qualities of coffee and cardamom for our clients. We've moved our activities from Syria to Turkey under the name of Quetzal-Olabi coffee where we registered our brand name in turkey protecting our products anxios of us to present our products decently with our famaus name in the coffee and hut drinks industry maitaining the high contidence given to our products by our velved consumers atestimony that ve proud of.we invile you to my our differet products so you feel the happiness activity and vitality every morning.